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Gallery Glass Paint Shortage!

Gallery Glass Paint Shortage!

1st Dec 2021

We reached out to Plaid in regard to Gallery Glass Paints that seem to be in high demand and short supply. This is the response we received, and we wanted to share for anyone else that is wondering.

Thank you so much for your continued interest in Gallery Glass. We would like to share an update with you regarding the current production situation. We have decided to take a hiatus on new production of Gallery Glass until the spring of next year. In that time The Gallery Glass product line will be undergoing a refresh, and we are currently working to refresh and renew the entire program to include new packaging and color options along with new & innovative specialty formulas, surfaces and accessories. We know this is not the news you were hoping for, and we understand that this has been frustrating. We can only ask for your patience.

Plaid still strongly believes in Gallery Glass, and we are currently working on some exciting additions that will be part of the line when we are able to resume production. Thank you for your understanding, patience, and most of all your loyalty to this wonderful product.

We will be excited to see the refreshed line and will be selling everything we can get our hands on!! Please check back in the Spring of 2022!

Thank you for your loyal support!

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